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Short Sales Succeed!
Short sale; selling your home for less than you owe the bank
A great solution for many home owners that are in trouble and/or stuck upside-down in their home

Foreclosures affect all of us, directly or indirectly, our neighbors, neighborhoods and property values etc
If you or someone you know is in trouble, a neighbor, friend or family member, give them my contact information

Tell them as long as the house has not been auctioned on the courthouse steps we still have time
I can help them
Most cases the banks will pay you to short sale, most banks prefer a short sale (they make more money on a short sale, yes that's what I said, they profit more when you short sell your house instead of foreclosing on your house)

Foreclosure is not the only option

I talk to owners that tell me how when they tried to short sell their house it was a disaster and that it does not work.  There are many agents listing short sale homes that don't know how to successfully complete a short sale (They only know how to list a house for sale)

The listing agent fails to get an offer, without an offer to present to the bank, the seller ends up terminating the listing, thinking that foreclosure is the only option.
I can help them

Please call me with no obligation; let's review your situation, especially if you had an unsuccessful attempt at a short sale

Also, the bank pays all of the closing costs, no money comes out of your (the seller’s) pocket, and you (the seller) are FREE and CLEAR!

I can help! Call me
We have an extremely high success rate with short sales

Most cases you (the seller) will receive a full waiver of deficiency (forgiveness of the debt after the sale closes)

The bank may pay you an incentive for this process typically $3000 to over $30,000
Also, if you don't live in your property and you are renting it out, the banks can also give incentive money to your tenant to make the process go smoother.

Please don't walk away from your loan

Your financial life and credit, future ability to rent and employment will be affected typically for 7 or more years  if you choose a foreclosure (And typically a bank has 20 years to go after you for a deficiency)
With a short sale your credit score seems less affected and you can usually get a new mortgage in two years (Start shopping for a new house in 18 months)

I am not an attorney nor do I specialize in tax services I encourage you to contact an attorney for all your legal questions and a tax professional with tax questions

My short sale listings typically have a full price or better offer within days of being listed.
Most of our sellers receive incentive money from the bank.
Our customers tell us that they are very happy they called me.
They say things like, "it happened exactly the way I told them it would, thank you Jon" (Ben and Amy V. in West Palm Beach, FL)

Again, even if you tried short selling in the past and it didn't work call me I have helped many families resolve their problems.  If a notice of foreclosure has been filed then the clock is ticking but we still have time don't wait call me now.

This is what I do
Thank you for your time and remember, please don't let the banks foreclose, short sales succeed!
Call, text or email me
 I'm here to help
 Thank you

Do you qualify for a short sale?
Yes, if you are behind on your mortgage payments.

Yes, if you find that your loan amount exceeds what your house is worth.

Yes, if you can no longer keep making your mortgage payments because of financial challenges.

Yes, if you are current on your mortgage payments but cannot sustain the property.
That's right you do not have to be late or delinquent or at the point of foreclosure to have a successful short sale.

Once again, even if you have already received a notice of foreclosure and you think it's too late, it’s not too late
Unless your home has already been auctioned off at the courthouse steps there still time

Please don't stall we are in a race between the bank's short sale department and the bank's foreclosure department, whoever gets all the paperwork done first, wins.  It's my job to get the short sale department's paperwork completed first.

Short sales succeed
I will help you (at no cost). I can help you. I have helped many of other homeowners. Thank you again


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Or call (561) 722.9643 for more information regarding short selling your home.

You may also email any questions or concerns to

Jon Faust
Professional REALTOR®
Coastline Realty, Inc.

Please Read Carefully:

Coastline Realty, Inc, its employees and associates are neither attorneys nor accountants.  Please contact Law and Tax professionals to review legal and taxation questions.  Jon Faust and Coastline Realty, Inc are licensed real estate agents and brokers.  We are here to assist you in working with your bank to successfully perform a short sale.  We cannot guarantee a short sale or waiver of deficiency, however, that is our goal and our success rate is very high.  If a short sale is the direction you are intending on proceeding with, please contact us to answer further questions and how to get started.